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"Not all pro-recasters enjoy an artist doll being recasted. Not all pro-recasters share their recasts in legit only forums. Not all pro-recasters are any of the things that you make them out to be."

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Actually, that’s a lie.  Because every doll that is recasted is an ARTIST doll.  An artist sculpted it, put love and soul and blood, sweat and tears into its creation, whether it was drafted digitally, or in clay.   Each and every pro recaster supports art theft, and is selfish enough to steal from artists just to have dolls.  No you might not all shove your recasts down the collective throats of the community, but every single goddamned one of you enjoy seeing artist dolls recasted, because they are all artist dolls.  Spiritdolls are not considered “artist” dolls, but like another post that has been floating around has already mentioned, it’s three women making dolls in their home.  Immortality of Soul?  Not considered “artist dolls”, but it’s a pair of sisters that live across the hall from each other and sculpt together.  And yet people rejoiced when Infernale and Lacrimosa were recasted.

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PayPal Policy Update


Very interesting Paypal policy update to which sellers of counterfeit BJDs should pay attention. The window for filing a SNAD Claim is now 180 days instead of 45.

If a buyer files a Significantly Not as Described (SNAD) Claim for an item they purchased from you, you will generally be required to accept the item back and refund the buyer the full purchase price plus original shipping costs. You will not receive a refund of your PayPal fees. Further, if you lose a SNAD Claim because we, in our sole discretion, reasonably believe the item you sold is counterfeit, you will be required to provide a full refund to the buyer and you will not receive the item back (it will be destroyed). PayPal Seller protection will not cover your liability.


I haven’t taken a doll photo with my real camera since I got this stupid phone!! 

If anyone is interested, my instagram is citroenelle. I mostly post photos of my dogs and sometimes my dolls.

yo-midi akira fudou


I made some tiny shorts with scraps from work. What type of closure should I use? I don’t want too much bulk. 

I’m going on a trip and one (or both?) of the yos is coming with me, so summer clothing is a must.




Having seen SDink’s faceups in real life, I am no longer impressed. Her flickr images depth and shadowing, but when I saw the head, it didn’t have half the shading and texture. I went on DOA to search for owners pictures of SDink faceups and realized that most of them have the same problem. I…

First off, I DO NOT USE photoshop for heads I sell except to add my logo, in fact I only used PS a few times on my own personal dolls a long time ago. I can prove this by taking a PS pic and a IPhone pic to compare. I also do not use texture although I have experimented with it a few times. I am so sick of people accusing me of stuff that is not true. 

And also I have said many times my work is not perfect >_> I do not have a perfect technique and cannot paint them to be perfectly symmetrical and even if I did I would not because they then start to look default and boring. I have always said this but some people just happen to like it, geez. I always try to hone my craft and get better as I know I am not that good but reading stuff like this just makes me want to give up and just enjoy this hobby on my own.

Why are people so mean? why does this blog even exist? nothing good comes of it. I notice they pick on people in trends, then they all jump on board. It makes me sad that people are just so mean. You never met these people, they could be the nicest person in the world but hey, they have an ugly doll or enjoy this hobby in a different way than you do, or they are popular and you are not, so you have to go and complain about it on this STUPID blog.

People are so mean and hateful.

I feel like sometimes the doll hobby gets stagnant and people feel the need to start drama where there really isn’t any. I don’t understand how people could think that you paint over your images in photshop (that’s what I’m getting from the confession. Unless they think there’s some magical ENHANCE button in photoshop at which point… lol.). When I commissioned you you sent Iphone photos (from the phone!!) to boot so it’s not like you would’ve been able to photoshop them.

People also don’t seem to understand that any head, regardless of faceup artist, will look different in real life than in a photo. It all depends on the lighting, lens type, lens length, aperture, so many different variables. There are things in my dolls that I notice in person that I wish I could photograph, but no matter what I do it will never show up.

I’m happy with the head you and i love your work. I think you have more admirers than people who want to start drama so my advice is to just ignore those that insult you. I understand wanting to stand up for yourself but all these people want from you is your attention, which they do not deserve.



Having seen SDink’s faceups in real life, I am no longer impressed. Her flickr images depth and shadowing, but when I saw the head, it didn’t have half the shading and texture. I went on DOA to search for owners pictures of SDink faceups and realized that most of them have the same problem. I just don’t understand why anyone would photoshop a product being sold to such a large extent and deceive potential clients. Now I am wondering if other faceup artists also heavily photoshop their sale pics.


All I’ve done to the images with ~*photoshop*~ was fix the levels. So??????


andolrea unoss


andolrea unoss

yo-midi akira fudou & yo swtdr kaede

yo-midi akira fudou & yo swtdr kaede


"Sdink is making such a big deal of her pictures being used for the recast dolls. Dollshe isn’t doing anything and so what if your pictures are taken as the promo? Your faceup isnt so fuckingfab and everyone knows S and L’s own style of faceup. Its just a promo pic fgawdsake"

#1237 (via recastconfessions)

Dollshe isn’t doing anything?

Mr. Dollshe was so upset to hear that his David was being recasted(along with other of his dolls) that he is now postponing the shipments of Aramis so he can reshape the insides of the sculpt to make them harder to recast.

Is that doing fucking nothing?

You people wonder why we want nothing to do with you, even after something like this happens. This recaster is using SDinks photos to sell a bootleg of Mr. Dollshe’s artwork and is claiming it as their own - which means people who are buying these dolls are expecting what the pictures are offering. They are the same photos as the ones on the Dollshe website, which only adds to the sheer rage, because now people can be tricked into purchasing this fake.

"Oh look! Its a David! I saw this on the Dollshe website but here is so much cheaper! Oh man, I can get the faceup too?!"

Do you see how that could be a god damn problem? 

Are you still going to ask us “so what”, now? This isn’t about how “fuckingfab” Sdink’s work is - those are pictures of her work and of Mr. Dollshe’s product. These are legitimate pictures being used to push a fake product and no, Anon, “everyone” doesn’t know that this is the work of recasts because it is on a site that sells a lot of other things and is incredibly misleading to someone who has yet to be informed of the dangers of recast bullshit like this.

So no, it is not “just a promo pic fgawdsake”. This is a huge deal and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking otherwise.

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I agree! Posting pictures of the genuine product, and using an artists within the communities work, as “just a promo pic fgawdsake” is worse then the re-casters using their own pictures. It could be horribly misleading to someone new within the hobby. Why would you want someone to be tricked into buying a recast? That is just horrible!

Why can’t the recaster use their own pictures, if OMG everyone knows?

It is posts like this that make us think that the pro-recast side have no shame, and no boundaries. This is why some of us want nothing to do with you. Like seriously can the recasters do anything that you would object to? Or do you just blinding defend them?

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Also, a little history lesson:
You know why Dollshe suddenly disappeared years ago? Why getting a Hound and such was for years pretty damn expensive? Because after he found out that Dollmore had pretty much recasted his body and was selling an altered version of it he decided to just call it a day and go.
This wasn’t even a 100% recast and it still hurt him enough to just stop selling his dolls.

The Dollshe team and Mr. Dollshe are some really awesome guys, and I love their dolls a lot. The quality is superb and their resin is fantastic, and they offer a HUGE range of colors and are always glad to help a Dollshe owner out (seriously, they helped me so much when I tried to identify and restore my old Hound). AND on top of that they decided to go to a huge fan of them and to ask them to paint and take pictures for their shop, with FULL credit given underneath every listing and SDink is allowed to keep all the dolls they send her.
They also state that the face-up can’t be bought and is just for advertising. And no, this is not a bad thing, I can’t buy many outfits from company photos either and still don’t whine how I’m not getting 100% from the picture.

Recasting Dollshe will in the end most likely lead to Mr. Dollshe flipping the bird again and just leaving.
I am not looking forward to that.

They have no right to recast dolls, and they also don’t have the right to use pictures without asking the owner. And in this case we are talking about a private person too, a doll owner, ONE OF US.
It’s disgusting that for a cheap doll you guys think everything is okay.

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Here’s what I don’t get.  Why is it OMFG A BIG DEAL LIKE WHOA when someone steals someone else’s picture of a doll on the internet, whether is be on DoA, or Deviant Art, or Flickr, or Tumblr, or whatever website, but when a recaster is stealing SDink’s photos of her dolls (as I understand it, they are hers, since Dollshe lets her keep them), which she painted at the request of Dollshe so that they could use them for their promotional photos on their website, it’s suddenly no big deal for (some of - I try not to assign the same ideologies to everyone) the pro-recast crowd?  Why is her situation so different?  Why does she not have just as much right to protect her work as every other doll collector, faceup artist, and doll photographer in the hobby?

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